About us


An infusion of sweet orange and cool peppermint fills the air of our soap kitchen. From pots of honey to bundles of lavender, the presence of our all-natural ingredients is a top priority. Even today, with more employees, and a bigger kitchen, Addicted to Soap continues to use the same process to create our all-natural handmade soaps.

How we got started

Addicted to Soap was born out of a need, the need of a mother to make better soaps for her children. After her children were diagnosed with eczema, Magdoline sought alternative skin care that would help soothe their irritated skin. Soon after she began researching the harmful ingredients found in most soaps she decided to give soap-making a try. She instantly became Addicted to Soap.

Since 2005, Magdoline has been making endless batches of soap. Perfecting her skill and recipes, Magdoline’s husband encouraged her to sell her amazing soaps to the world, and Addicted to Soap was born.

Our Philosophy

Addicted to Soap is dedicated to providing the highest quality soaps and skin care products. All of our soaps and skin care products are made with all-natural ingredients, botanical infusions, and, most importantly, handmade with care. Our products are not tested on animals and contain no parabens, no phthalates, and no petrochemicals. Pure essential oils, natural fragrances, and herbs are some of the ingredients used to make our products. At Addicted to Soap we encourage feedback from our customers. We are always open to your suggestions to help us develop and refine our unique product line.


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