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7 spice soap swirl tutorial

I always wonder around thinking how can I use everyday stuff that we find to make soap.

In Carrefour I found a spice section and instantly I thought of soap ha ha ha ha ha. I thought how cool would it be if I could use all of these colors and swirl them together.

So I figured I’d try and to my surprise it came out lovely. You have to be careful though because some spices like chili powder can’t be used in soap because it might give you a burning sensation.

I used rice powder ( white color) turmeric ( yellow color) fungrek ( beige color) green peas ( green color) black seed ( black color) lemon powder (brown color) and last but not least sumac ( dark red color).

The funny thing is I didn’t scent it but it smelled exactly like something I’ve cooked before ha ha ha.

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