Best Soap Mold Ever.

I’m always looking for new soap molds that are cheap and work very well. I saw Eden’s Secret you tube video’s ( I love her cute accent) and noticed the mold she was using is the Lock & Lock tupperware I use for storing my bread. I purchased one at Carrefour because I live in Dubai, and poured my soap directly in and I didn’t line it, well it didn’t come out, so I scooped it all out and made soap balls. I tried it again this time I lightly lined it with wax paper because I have yet to find butcher paper or freezer paper here. I un-molded it the next day and it poped right out. I makes a great soap mold, for cold process, and glycerin soap as well, just don’t fill it to the top so it’s easy to remove, and you have yourself a very cheap and amazing soap mold. My favorite part is the lid that snaps on, and they stack up very well.


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