How to Make Wood Wick Candles

I found this great tutorial at Lone Star Candle Supply it shows you how to make candles with wood wicks. This is the new craze in candle making, and I am so excited that I found a tutorial to show me how to make it myself.

Start by gathering all the items that you will need. The candle making process will go much more smoothly if everything is readily accessible.

Materials Needed:

* Single Pour Container Candle Wax
* Candle Jars or Containers
* Fragrance Oil
* Candle Dye
* Wood Wicks with tabs
* Pouring Pot
* Thermometer
* UV Stabilizer (Optional)
* Glue Gun or Glue Dots (Optional)
* Caution Labels (Optional, but highly recommended)
* End Nipper Pliers or Nail Clippers
* Butcher Paper or Newspaper
* Paper Towels
* Cookie Sheet or Pan
* Metal Spoon or Stir Stick
* Sauce Pan
* Metal Cookie Cutter

Cover your work area with butcher paper or newspaper. Spills or drips are most times unavoidable, and clean up is much easier if you don’t have to clean wax off of your work surface.

Step 1 – Preheat containers

First, you will need to heat your containers. Preheat the oven to around 150o – 170o, or the lowest temperature setting. The “Keep Warm” setting will work if you can not set the temperature that low. Place the containers you will be using on a cookie sheet or pan and put them in the oven. The containers can stay in the oven until you are ready to use them. Heating not only helps eliminate jump lines, but it also helps prevent possible breakage when pouring hot wax into a cold container.

Step 2 – Prepare the wax mixture

For instructions on preparing the wax, please see our How to Prepare Wax for Pouring guide. You can continue with the following steps while your wax is melting.

Step 3 – Wick the containers

The tabbed wood wicks will stand straight in the jars without gluing them, but they may move when the wax is poured. Add a small amount of hot glue or a Glue Dot to the bottom of the tab. Press it firmly into the container, but don’t press too hard or the prongs on the tab can move. Make sure the wick is as close to the center as possible.

Step 4 – Pour the wax mixture

Slowly pour the wax into the container making sure not to fill past the widest part of the jar. (There are exceptions to this, such as the tureen jar.) If you pour too quickly, the wax may splash up the side of the jar or form small air bubbles on top of the wax. Avoid pouring wax directly onto the wick. You can adjust the wick slightly if needed, but don’t move it around too much; the prongs on the wick
tab can easily bend allowing the wick to lean to one side and be off center.

Step 5 – Allow to cool

When the candle has completely set, you will be ready to trim the wick. Trying to trim the wick too soon will disrupt the wax around the wick.

Step 6 – Trim the wick

Trim the wick to 1/8 length using end nipper pliers or nail clippers. Be sure not to trim them too short because they would not burn properly. (The wick should have the double thickness of wood exposed for lighting.) You may then put the lid back on the container.

Step 7 – Apply caution label

It is highly recommended to add a caution label. You may also choose to add labels unique to your business, fragrance name labels, or a special label for your line of wood wick candles.

That’s it!

Now you can enjoy the crackling sounds of a fire without the hassle or mess while enjoying your favorite scents! Are you ready to give it a try?

You may order everything you need by browsing our selection of candle making supplies.

Here is some more places that stock wood wicks.


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