King of the Grill

King of the grill was in town, so I luckily grabbed the last set of tickets to attend his show. I took Ramsey there for a fathers day present, because I wanted to do something different for him, and I thought he might enjoy it since he loves to BBQ. Robert Rainford put on a great show, he was very charismatic, funny, and knew how to put on a great show. We sampled the food he made and it was fantastic, it made us want to go home and BBQ. To my surprise he was very tall, he doesn’t appear to be that tall on his show. We watch his show regularly now that we BBQ all the time for more ideas on what to make on the grill. No one knows how to grill better then the King of the Grill, except for Ramsey of coarse, ha ha ha ha.

From King of the Grill

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