Oatmeal Green Tea Facial Bar

I made a 16 ounces of green tea, and let it cool down, then mixed in the lye solution. I used olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, almond oil , and castor oil for the base oils. I had green tea fragrance on hand so I decided to use it as well in scenting the 5 pound batch of soap. I always wanted to use oatmeal, so I figured using it in a facial bar would be ideal. I topped the mixture with oatmeal and this is my end result.

From Soap

This is the soap batch poured into the slab for 24 hours till it hardens enough to cut.

From Soap

Here is a better picture of my soap after it was cut into bars.

From Soap

I really love the look of these, so creamy, and smell so soft like green tea.


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