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Pillow Box Tutorial For Your Handmade Soaps

Give this easy craft project tutorial a try. Make these cute pillow boxes and use them for packaging up your handmade soaps or other bath and body products. I found this great tutorial at Soap Making Essentials, check them out.

From Soap

Assemble the following supplies to make this pillow box craft project:

* 1 – 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of decorative cardstock (or 1 sheet of plain cardstock and 1 sheet of decorative paper)
* glue stick (to glue cardstock and decorative paper together)
* doublesided tape (or regular scotch tape)
* scissors
* blunt object for scoring on dotted lines…I used a mechanical pencil with the lead retracted.
* ruler
* raffia or ribbon
* labels or tags

Craft project instructions:

1. Begin by saving this template to your computer.

From Soap

2. To save the template, click the link above, right click on the picture, select “Save Picture As…” and save to your desktop or desired location.

3. Print the template onto the backside of your decorative cardstock or plain cardstock, depending on which you are using.

4. If you are using the plain cardstock and decorative paper, use the glue stick to bond the two pieces of paper together. Make sure to glue the decorative paper to the blank side of the cardstock.

5. Cut the template out along the solid lines.

6. Using the ruler and scoring tool, score along all the dotted lines of the template.

7. Firmly fold and crease the straight lines.

8. Apply a strip of doublesided tape to the decorative side of the tab, fold
template and seal shut.

9. Gently crease and fold the curved dotted lines.

10. Tape one end shut.

11. Fill the pillow box, close and decorate with ribbon and tags or labels.

These boxes are perfect for packaging soaps that measure up to 3″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″. Try using them as stocking stuffer or sampler packs and filling them with guest sized bath and body items.


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