Advanced Techniques Soap Making Class



Advanced Techniques Soap Making Class

This unique advanced techniques soap making workshop covers Intermediate & Advanced Techniques for making soap from scratch. It does not contain the basics of All Natural Handmade Soap Making, so that class must be taken before this advanced class (previous experience or classes taken at other locations should be sufficient). This Advanced Techniques Soap Making Class is for anyone who is interested in increasing their soap making knowledge and learning new skills.

Other than wearing a long sleeve shirt or bringing one along to wear in class, you don’t need to bring anything with you. You will be given everything in class, tested recipes & instructions and 10 amazing bars of all natural handmade soap that you made.


This hand’s on class offers step-by-step guide on design techniques that can get your creative juices flowing. Concentrating on loaf shaped molds, we will explore techniques for:
• Layering colors in vertical layers
• Learning how to make shape soaps for embedding
• Embedding soaps into log or loaf molds
• Adding interest to the tops of bars, including soap waves to soap log, or loafs

• How to make funnel swirls
• How to do in the pot swirls
• Swirling in your log, or loaf molds
• Adding wave swirls to the tops of your log or loaf soaps
Magdoline will be making soaps from scratch, allowing her students various opportunities for students to directly contribute to each batch. At the end of the day, you will leave with a thorough knowledge of advanced soap making techniques, and whole lot of enthusiasm about designing your own all natural handmade soaps. This class uses only vegan/vegetarian ingredients.

** PREREQUISITE: Our All Natural Handmade Soap Making Class, or Equivalent Experience Required **

About The Teacher:

Magdoline Hammad started her soap making addiction back in 2005. After her children were all diagnosed with eczema, Magdoline sought alternative skin care that would help soothe their irritated skin. She began researching the harmful ingredients found in all commercial soaps and decided to give soap-making a try. Since then she’s been making endless batches of soap, perfecting her skills and recipes. She has a passion for cold process soap, but also enjoys trying new things, and learning new techniques.

Many years later, and after reading every book on the planet about every method of soap making, she finally decided to start teaching others her love of all natural handmade soap making.

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