Bath Bomb Class



This is a intensive bath bomb course. You will learn everything you need to know about making bath bombs!

We will cover the basics including: color, fragrance, and other ingredients, as well as a variety of advanced techniques including: advanced layering, adding specialty additives, bases and butters, adding embeds, using organic and natural ingredients, and more. This class is hands on! You will be taking home all of the bath bombs and and materials needed to make your own bath bombs at home.

After this class you will be creating bath bombs galore that are so fun and easy to make. You’ll never have to buy a bath bomb again, and they make great gifts too!

About The Teacher:

Magdoline Hammad started her soap making addiction back in 2005. After her children were all diagnosed with eczema, Magdoline sought alternative skin care that would help soothe their irritated skin. She began researching the harmful ingredients found in all commercial soaps and decided to give soap-making a try. Since then she’s been making endless batches of soap, perfecting her skills and recipes. She has a passion for cold process soap, but also enjoys trying new things, and learning new techniques.

Many years later, and after reading every book on the planet about every method of soap making, she finally decided to start teaching others her love of all natural handmade soap making.

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