Bubble Bar Class


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Learn how to make your very own BUBBLE BARS just like lush.

Bubble Bars are a solid, frothy bubbly replacement for bubble bath. Most traditional liquid bubble baths use SLS which is an irritating detergent & surfactant, but in our bubble bars we’ll use SLSA, a milder plant-derived alternative. Each bubble bar can be used for 2-3 baths, making these a great value for your customers. To use, simply break of a piece and place under running warm water and they will make big luscious bubbles. Take home half a log, that when cut makes 3-4 bubble bars (these retail for $6-$8 a slice)!

You’ll go home with 4 Bubble Bars, recipes and the complete knowledge to make BUBBLE BARS at home.

About The Teacher:

Magdoline Hammad started her soap making addiction back in 2005. After her children were all diagnosed with eczema, Magdoline sought alternative skin care that would help soothe their irritated skin. She began researching the harmful ingredients found in all commercial soaps and decided to give soap-making a try. Since then she’s been making endless batches of soap, perfecting her skills and recipes. She has a passion for cold process soap, but also enjoys trying new things, and learning new techniques.

Many years later, and after reading every book on the planet about every method of soap making, she finally decided to start teaching others her love of all natural handmade soap making.

For more details on booking a class you can email us at info@addictedtosoap.com


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