Liquid Soap Making Class



Liquid Soap Making Class

Learn how to make all natural handmade liquid soap in Dubai

The class will cover the following as you learn how to make all natural handmade liquid soap:

· Brief history and basic chemistry of all natural handmade soap making

· Necessary materials, supplies and equipment

· Safety procedures when working with potassium hydroxide

· Taking accurate measurements & proper mixing temperatures

· Coloring your liquid soap

· Using pure essential oils & natural fragrances to scent your soap

· Storing your finished soaps

· How to package & decorate your liquid soaps

Things to know about our liquid soap making class:

· This is a one on one private class

· This is a liquid soap making class, and it harder then making bar soap

· This is a hands on class, so get ready to get messy

· You will get to take home your liquid soap that you made in class

· You’ll also be sent home with all of the supplies needed to start making your own liquid soap at home

· This class only uses vegan / vegetarian ingredients along with all natural ingredients

· This class is approximately 3 – 4 hours for a duration of 1 day

· You’re required to wear a long sleeve shirt or bring one along with you to be worn in class

· You must be 18+ class since making all natural handmade soap involves working with lye

About The Teacher:

Magdoline Hammad started her soap making addiction back in 2005. After her children were all diagnosed with eczema, Magdoline sought alternative skin care that would help soothe their irritated skin. She began researching the harmful ingredients found in all commercial soaps and decided to give soap-making a try. Since then she’s been making endless batches of soap, perfecting her skills and recipes. She has a passion for cold process soap, but also enjoys trying new things, and learning new techniques.

Many years later, and after reading every book on the planet about every method of soap making, she finally decided to start teaching others her love of all natural handmade soap making.

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