Turkish Kese Bath Mitt


Natural Turkish Kese exfoliating buff to keep you smooth and beautiful.  Place hand or Soap inside, scrub and smooth the skin. This is for only 1 Turkish Kese bath mitt.


Turkish Bath Gloves have been used since the Ottoman Empire Period. They are used to prevent dermatological diseases, as well as eliminating Acne. These gloves exfoliate and purify, they remove dead skin and impurities, whilst improving circulation to the skin, and increasing blood circulation. This results in faster new skin regeneration and healthier skin. They open up the pores and let your skin breathe Turkish Bath Gloves clean and refresh skin, making it healthier. Today in Turkey, the bath glove is used for eliminating cellulite. This conventional method is not been given the recognition it deserves. Chemical Peels etc are the methods used in the Western world to fight cellulite. Turkish Bath Gloves “peel” the top layer of skin to expose fresh live skin.Because they increase blood circulation, they prevent cellulite formation under the skin, and play a vital role in eliminating the existing cellulite. Recommended for using Turkish Bath Gloves Use for normal skin in baths, saunas, spas, showers – For Personal Use PLEASE RINSE GLOVE WELL WITH WARM WATER FIRST BEFORE INITIAL USE

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