The Beauty of Handmade Craftsmanship From natural soaps to bingo-inspired products

The Beauty of Handmade Craftsmanship
From natural soaps to bingo-inspired products

There’s absolutely no doubt that handmade products help people appreciate the design and craftsmanship process. Not only that, the growing popularity of handmade products has compelled consumers to be more mindful of the substances and materials in the commodities they choose to purchase. Indeed, the increasing prominence of natural handmade soaps is on the rise and with good reason. Natural soaps are a perfect alternative to commercial “soaps” that are essentially detergent bars that frequently contain all sorts of harmful processed chemicals, synthetic cleansers, parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals. More importantly, while soap making is a relatively simple skill, it’s as much a science as an art. A well-crafted natural soap should possess an appropriate balance of the fatty acid composition of different oils and butters to maximize its moisturizing effects.

Of course, soap making is a great way to start learning about a wide variety of essential oils, herbs, butters, and natural fragrances. The careful and delicate process of making a well-balanced natural soap requires an intimate familiarity with the specific qualities of a diverse range of ingredients. As with any other craft, soap making is a suitable platform to rediscover and play around with various combinations of natural substances. Similarly, a growing number of craftsmen have taken bingo cards and repurposed them to create entirely new items.

Vintage collectible purveyor Salvage Style currently sells handmade spiral-bound notebooks and journals covered with old-school bingo cards. Donna from Funky Junk Interiors took the classic bingo card design, stenciled it on a sturdy pine board, and turned it into a DIY bingo-inspired pottery barn tray. Etsy; member somavenus has a sketchbook covered with a pair of vintage orange-colored bingo game boards with red working plastic sliders. Amazingly, fellow Etsy member SavonMarie has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for her bingo cards made from handmade soap. Deftly continuing the bingo theme, SavonMarie’s Soap Bingo is packaged in a box with a bingo card as a background, which is then embellished with a bingo marker or button.

This strange connection between bingo and soap gets a little quirkier. Chaparral leaf extract (Larrea Divaricata) has been prized by Native Americans for decades due to its remarkable medicinal qualities. It’s been used to heal bruises and soothe skin rashes, in addition to helping prevent infections in wounds. As it turns out, Larrea Divaricata extract isn’t just an increasingly popular essential oil for handmade soaps, it also prolongs the effect of self-tanning gels. It’s a key ingredient of the foxybingo; Fur Real Self-Tanning Gel promoted by English starlet Lucy Mecklenburgh.

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